You can trade 24 hours a day, starting at 00:00 Monday and closing at 24:00 Friday (server time). Please note that the server time is GMT + 2 (GMT + 3 applies during daylight saving/summertime).
You will get access to over 200 tradable instruments from 6 asset-classes via our bespoke trading platforms. Open your account and trade CFDs on Forex, Futures, Metals, Indices, Commodities and Shares with the lowest spreads.
We strive to provide our clients with the best trading conditions. Therefore, with Fxcess you can earn money rewards instantly by simply opening your account and processing your standard verification procedures. Earn as much as $10 by simply verifying your email and up to 100% bonuses on your deposits. Our current promotions are available on this page.
The Excess Club gives you unlimited access to Fxcess benefits and exclusive Excess Points, which you can later convert to cash. Open your account and boost your trading with more rewards.
The charts show the Bid price by default. You open a Buy position with the Ask price and close it with the Bid price. You have to add the spread on the Bid price to find the Ask price. Therefore, the difference in price is due to the spread.
Your order will be stop-out when the margin level (Equity/Used Margin) of your trading account goes below 20%. This will trigger a stop-out, and your positions will start closing, starting from the most unprofitable.
The requote statement usually pops up to inform traders that the execution price has changed and allows traders to decide whether they wish to accept the new price. The advertised price affected by high market volatility can change in a split second, and we need to offer you the latest market price. In such an event, you can either accept the new requoting or reject the new price and cancel the execution of the transaction. Another possible reason for getting requotes could be a bad internet connection, which can delay the transmission of orders; in this situation, you will see old prices instead of current market prices.
We offer negative balance protection to all clients as part of the Agreement with a client, as long as it is not manipulated. The interests of our clients are our primary objective; therefore, we ensure that clients may never lose more than their total deposits.
Your pending order will be deleted from the system if the free margin is not enough to cover the margin required for opening the specific order.
If you placed an instant order, it might not always be possible to cancel it, if our trading server has already received your request. In this case, your platform would also give you a warning: 'Closing of this window will not guarantee the order cancelling'.
Please note that the minimum trading volume you can trade is 0.01 lots.
Please note that we are using fractional pips pricing for the client to benefit from rounding. Instead of 4 decimal places, we use 5, and therefore the ten pips mark you see is 1.0 pip.
Our platform supports such functionalities. Please be aware that trading operations using additional functions on your client terminals such as trailing stop or expert advisor are executed completely under your responsibility, as they depend directly on your trading terminal.
At Fxcess we value transparent relationships with our partners. To ensure that they are satisfied, we offer a competitive rebate scheme to our Introducers, the highest commissions to our Affiliates as well as individually tailored White Label Solution.