You – choose a suitable strategy to copy. We – guarantee the same price and execution.


With Fxcess you now have access to the in-house designed platform developed to boost your trading performance. Copy strategies of best performing traders with Fxcess MirrorTrader.

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About Fxcess MirrorTrader

Our exclusive MirrorTrader solution is suitable for both novices and professional traders, allowing them to choose and follow the best performing traders and their strategies.


Search and filter by investment return, traders` experiences, history of successful trades, risk profile, trading style, and choose an unlimited number of strategies you wish to follow. On top of this, we will guarantee equal conditions for you and the leader to ensure accordance of pricing and executions.

How Does MirrorTrader Work?

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Choose a strategy you wish to follow and allocate funds
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Setup your risk parameters based on your risk appetite

Cash in when the copied strategy makes profit

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Pay a % in performance fees only if you profit

Fxcess MirrorTrader`s Advantages

After a fast and easy registration process, you may start copying chosen strategies with as little as 100 USD or equivalent amount in your prefered currency.

You can start and stop copying your chosen strategies at any time through our user-friendly platform. Track your actual performance and make confident decisions.

Instantly add funds to the best performing strategies you are copying. Customise both stop and profit trailing orders and set the desired limits manually.

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We are always updating the list of our leaders. Follow an unlimited number of traders and strategies by instantly adding them to your portfolio.


A dynamic platform that has been around for quite some time and is the most preferred one by traders, will surely intrigue your audience.  

Detailed reports with full disclosure of profits, statistics and risk data. Exclusive Max Drawdown available in your dashboard with totalled risk ratio for each strategy.

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What Makes Fxcess MirrorTrader Stand Out?

Our platform is tailored to satisfy your needs and improve your trading experience.

  • No need to choose your leverage
  • See your allocated and free equity
  • Live aggregated amount between existing strategies
  • Choose your lot size even if the leader`s size differs
  • Customise trailing stop orders for both wins and loses
  • Leave the trades open when you are away and get detailed reports

Fxcess offers you competitive pricing and fast market execution.

Start trading with a powerful broker today.

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